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Translation / Interpreting service

When it comes to translations, we are particularly attentive to the constant changes in language use.

In the area of new technologies, for example, new vocabulary is almost an everyday phenomenon.

Our staff have their fingers on the pulse of such language changes, and of course they translate only into their native language. Studying relevant publications is a part of our daily routine as translators.

In addition to all the well-known international languages we also translate into less common languages such as Thai, Urdu and Maori.

Interpreting services

For conferences, presentations, sales negotiations or meetings we can support you with our experienced interpreters - both simultaneous and consecutive. If you are looking for the ideal conference or meeting venue for such a purpose, the perfect solution is available to you through our comprehensive conference service.



24-hour service, favourable price per line
We can generally translate your order within 24 hours and send you the text by fax, e-mail, hard copy or on diskette.



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